Welcome to Minerva

Minerva is a Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) platform to capture, analyze and interpret public information from Social Networks.

  • State-of-the-art in Artificial Intelligence

    It features the latest state-of-the-art algorithms in Sentiment Detection, Named-Entity Recognition and Sarcasm Detection, among others.


    Extremely easy-to-use API so you can integrate it in your dashboards in a matter of seconds.

  • Customized

    Complex workflows? Need of a particular transformation pipeline? No problem! Contact us.

Awesome Features

From market analysis to extremism detection. Social Data at your fingertips.

  • State-of-the-Art

    The latest AI algorithms

  • Bottom-up

    Modular and extensible

  • Context-aware

    Sarcasm? Humor? Context matters!

  • No-hassle

    Easy-to-use REST API

  • Sentiment analysis

    Get scores for positivity and sarcasm.

  • Multi-language

    Real-time translation in multiple languages

  • Keyword Search

    Fuzzy-search based on keywords

  • Structured data

    Extract structured data from free text

How It Works

Intuitive and customizable API to enhance your offerings with Social Intelligence.

Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News, you name it. We crawl multiple social networks and we can add new ones in a heartbeat. Then, we extract structured information from this data. Finally, you can request it by using our REST API.

Applications of Social Intelligence

  • Get information not available from the official API, like the groups a Telegram user belongs to.

  • Add your own sources or models and run them against Minerva's dataset, even on-premises.

  • Finance, Marketing, Social Sciences, Competitive Intelligence. Bring more value to your customers.

  • Smart crawling. Focus where the insights are.

Cross Industry

See some examples of how Minerva can bring value to your customers.


Detect the next GameStop craze by listening to Social Media.


Detect harassment and early signs of extremism in Social Networks.

Business Intelligence

Brand awareness. Market Analysis.

Sociological Studies

Enhance your content analysis tool with Context Awareness.

Pricing Table

From free-tier to customized solutions.


  • Discover our Platform
  • Default endpoints
  • Unlimited trial period
  • No guarantees on uptime or freshness of data


  • All of the Free Tier
  • Additional Endpoints
  • 7-days lookback
  • Priority Support
  • 99% uptime guaranteed


  • All of the Pro plan
  • Custom query pipelines
  • 30-days lookback
  • Integrate our widgets in your app
  • Query raw data and apply your own models
  • Premium support


  • Customized endpoints
  • Possibility to deploy on-premises
  • Support integrating new data sources

App Screenshots

In addition to the REST API we provide modular dashboards.


Signals (millions)

Social Networks

AI Transforms

API Endpoints

Example Request

HTTP request in, JSON out. Simple as that.

Team Members

Meet our team.


Eduardo Pena Viña

CEO/Product Manager

Product development. Business Relations.


Dragan Stoiljković


Product Development.


Sylvain Dorey


Product development.


Christophe Descamps

Economic Intelligence

Applications of SOCMINT in Economic Intelligence.


David Ferrin

Finance - Delta AI

Application of Social Intelligence in Banking and Hedge Funds.


Diego Montoliu

Finance - Delta AI

Application of Social Intelligence in Banking and Hedge Funds.

Let's Partner

Do you know who can benefit from Minerva? Do you have interesting data sources? Do you develop cutting-edge AI models? Let's talk.

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